4 Best Essential Oils for Diabetic Neuropathy (Backed with Studies)

Looking for essential oils for diabetic neuropathy? You have found the right page.

In this article, I have written for you some of the best essential oils for diabetic neuropathy that are backed by studies and considered safe to use.

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The Best Essential Oils for Diabetic Neuropathy

Here are some of the best essential oils:

1. Cinnamon Essential Oil

Due to its amazing antimicrobial and analgesic (pain relieving) properties, cinnamon essential oil can work as a wonder in treating diabetic nerve pain.

A study conducted by The Department of Human Nutrition, NWFPAgriculturalUniversity, Peshawar Pakistan, shows that individuals with Type 2 diabetes were divided and randomly consumed cinnamon daily while the other group was given placebo capsules. The results were outstanding with the group that used cinnamon led to increased levels of insulin.

Some studies have also shown that cinnamon helps reduce the glucose, triglyceride, LDL, and total cholesterol levels in the body.

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2. Coriander Essential Oil

It was traditionally used as an infusion to assist in the healing of various digestive conditions. Nowadays, coriander is also known due to its amazing blood-glucose-lowering properties.

The coriander essential oil has also shown some great benefits in treating pain in diabetic patients and you can definitely try this.

A study conducted to observe the efficiency of coriander seed oil on the lipid profile within a population of rats, it demonstrated decreased levels of triglycerides, total cholesterol, LDL cholesterol, pain, and increased HDL (good cholesterol).

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3. Ylang Ylang Essential Oil

It is extracted from the flowers of Canangaodorota, a native plant found in Indonesia and the Philippines. Once inhaled it sends messages to the brain region that is involved in controlling pain.

This essential oil is also well-known for its wound-healing properties and for getting rid of scars when applied to the skin.

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4. Rosehip Essential Oil

Rosehip essential oil may not have a direct impact on diabetic neuropathy but it can greatly help in diabetes and weight loss management, which will indirectly help you get rid of the pain.

A 12-week study shows that Rosehip can significantly reduce weight and manage blood sugars.

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How to Use Essential Oils for Diabetic Neuropathy?

  • Add a few drops of essential oil to an aromatherapy diffusor and inhale it by taking long deep breaths to allow the vapors and the particles to enter the body.
  • You can also inhale it directly by putting a few drops of oil in some hot water to make an individualized diffusor.
  • Directly massage the oil on the skin but if you have sensitive skin then dilute it with any carrier oil e.g coconut or almond oil.

Important to Know!

Swallowing these essential oils can be poisonous and thus one should seek advice before proceeding.  

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The Bottom Line!

The above-mentioned essential oils for diabetic neuropathy are some of the best and safest essential oils that you can use.

Although for most people they are considered safe to use if you notice any discomfort stop the use and consult with your physician if necessary.

The content present on this page has not been evaluated by any medical authorities e.g FDA. All the information present is solely for informational purposes and is not a substitute for the medical advice provided by your physician. We do not aim to diagnose, treat, or cure any disease or illness.

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