8 Best Essential Oils for Cold Hands and Feet (Backed with Studies)

This article contains a list of some of the best essential oils for cold hands and feet that you can use to warm them and get relief.

So, if you are struggling with cold hands and feet then this is the article for you.

All the essential oils for cold hands and feet that are mentioned here are backed with studies and considered safe to use.

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Essential Oils for Cold Hands and Feet

Here are some of the best essential oils that will definitely help you soothe your cold hands and feet.

1. Ginger Essential Oil

The ginger essential oil has been long used in traditional medicine to cure and alleviate symptoms of some common health issues including cold hands and feet. This oil is made from rhizome through the process of distillation.

The health benefits of Ginger have been studied for years now. Today, there are supportive scientific proof of its curative properties. The ginger essential oil can also be used to soothe the cough and sore throat.

A recent study shows that Ginger essential oil can ward off feelings of nausea.

In a nutshell, the ginger essential oil is not only very effective in dealing with hand and feet cold but is also useful in many other health conditions.

2. Lavender Essential Oil

The lavender essential oil has been used for years in aromatherapy. This helps relieve pain and lower inflammation.

Research shows that lavender essential oil has analgesic and sedative abilities which greatly helps people cope with varicose vein pain.

As this essential oil is also used to increase blood circulation, so massaging it properly on hands and feet will warm them by improving the circulation.

3. Echinacea Essential Oil

The Echinacea essential oil has been widely used by the Native Americans to treat infections.

The roots of the Echinacea plant have flavonoids as an active ingredient. This ingredient has some therapeutic effects on the body. They are known to reduce inflammation and boost your immune systems.

According to a study, Echinacea essential oil is effective in fighting the common cold and flu. The same review shows that taking this essential oil reduces someone’s chances of developing the cold by more than 50%.

Echinacea essential oil improves blood circulation which eventually solves the issue with cold feet and hands.

4. Myrrh Essential Oil

Myrrh essential oil is also known for its healing and soothing benefits. It was used in the Bible stories for massage and healing common skin conditions.

Myrrh essential oil is extracted from the myrrh plant through the distillation process.

Myrrh essential oil was also used in traditional Chinese medicine.

Today, scientists are in constant study to determine its effectiveness for pain, skin sores, and infections.

This essential oil is very effective in warming hands and feet. Its rich aroma is warming and soothing. Myrrh essential oil also has properties effective in protecting and healing the skin during winter.

Myrrh essential oil can also be used to deal with joint pain, back pain, swelling feet, and hands. It contains a compound that interacts with opioid receptors to instruct the brain to deal with the pain.

Research shows that Myrrh oil also blocks the production of inflammatory chemicals which reduces the pain.

5. Eucalyptus Essential Oil

Eucalyptus essential oil is native to Australia but now the Eucalyptus tree grows all over the world.

The eucalyptus essential oil boosts the Body’s immune system and at the same time improves the flow of blood to the hands and feet.

To use eucalyptus essential oil, add few drops of eucalyptus oil in a vegetable-based oil and massage the hands and feet to deal with chills. This essential oil has many properties that work together to relieve symptoms of the common cold.

According to research, Eucalyptus oil stimulates immune response which reduces the colds and chills in hands and feet.

6. Lemon Grass Essential Oil

Lemon Grass plant is native to India and Sri Lanka. The plant has a lemon smell and a citrus zest. This plant can be dried, powdered, or used to make essential oils.

Lemon Grass essential oil has been used since time immemorial to boost sleep, trigger immunity, and ease the pain.

Lemon Grass essential oil is very effective in treating cold and Flu mainly because of its anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties. The plant also contains Vitamin A, C, and antioxidants that trigger the immune system to fight some common issues.

The best way that Lemon Grass essential oil can help with cold feet and hands is through its ability to improve blood circulation.

A recent study examined the effectiveness of this oil on cold feet and hands when used as a body massage oil. The researchers in this study measured the pulse and blood pressure before and after using this essential oil. They noticed that it is effective in improving blood circulation which eventually solved the issue of cold feet and hands.

7. Thyme Essential Oil

This is another essential oil that is very effective in boosting the immune system and improving your body’s blood circulation. The oil is also antifungal, antiseptic, expectorant, and analgesic.

A 2010 study that was published in the Journal of Lipid Research shows that thyme oil is very effective in improving heart health and overall circulation. The Thymol content in this essential oil is also very effective in dealing with colds, coughs, and other respiratory tract infections. When this product is mixed with primrose, it has shown effectiveness in dealing with the common cold and other respiratory tract issues.

8. Frankincense Essential Oil

Frankincense essential oil is quite effective in boosting the overall immune system by increasing the white blood cells in the body to fight infections.

Studies show that Frankincense essential oil reduces inflammation, especially when caused by rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis.

Frankincense essential oil can as well be used to revive the look and the feeling in your hands. For effectiveness, don’t forget to massage the oil on your fingernails and the feet.

Some people use this oil to improve the looks of their nails especially when traveling somewhere dry. To do this, simply place some drops of this oil on the nails and rub it around the edges of the fingernails and cuticles.

The Bottom Line!

If you have any allergies or skin problems, then it is highly recommended to consult with your doctor before using these essential oils for cold hands and feet.

Even if there are no known allergies it is better to do a small patch test before applying.

The content present on this page has not been evaluated by any medical authorities e.g FDA. All the information present is solely for informational purposes and is not a substitute for the medical advice provided by your physician. We do not aim to diagnose, treat, or cure any disease or illness.

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